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Buy and Sell Excess Electronic Inventory

Businesses in the electronics manufacturing space often have to buy excess inventory of electronic parts due to minimum order requirements (MOQ). As a result these businesses often have warehouses overflowing with surplus electronic parts and components. Other businesses have to wait too long to get parts that need to be manufactured, and thus get held up in the manufacturing process. Turns out connecting buyer and seller is a win win situation. The company with excess inventory can open up space in the warehouse and free up funds so they can buy additional inventory needed at that moment.

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Excess and Obsolete materials -
Obsolete inventory is often referred to as obsolete stock, dead inventory, or excess inventory. These terms all apply to any items that have reached the end of its product lifecycle, which means there is no market demand for the product anymore.
buying excess
the quantity of a good or service supplied is more than the quantity demanded
Minimum Order Requirement - minimum order size that the supplier is willing to accept
MOQ solution
Minimum Order Requirements are a form of ordering constraint in the supply chain. An example is a manufacturer needs 10,000 microprocessors, but the minimum order requirement from the supplying manufacturer requires 100,000 parts. A solution might be for one company needing 10,000 parts to collaborate with another company that needs 90,000 parts. By working together both get their parts and end up with zero waste.
E & O
End of life components
End of life components
Product is in the end of its useful life and is often left in a warehouse gathering dust and tying up space and investment.
Hard to Find Components
Prevent Excess Inventory
  1. Return for a refund or credit.
  2. Divert the inventory to new products.
  3. Trade with industry partners.
  4. Sell to customers.
  5. Consign your product.
  6. Liquidate excess inventory.
  7. Auction it yourself.
  8. Scrap it.
  9. Recycle it.
  10. Donate it.
Minimum Order Quantity
minimum order size that the supplier is willing to accept
Inventory reduction
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